Our Story

Sva, a sanskrit word for ‘Atman’ or the individual soul, was founded in 2014 in an effort to bring healthy and chemical-free beverages to people. Our effort to remain committed to this goal has earned us the reputation of being one of the frontrunners in the fresh, healthy, minimally processed food wave that has swept the city. We aim to offer high-quality, moderately-priced and minimally processed beverages to our customers by using locally-sourced natural ingredients

Aditi M Gaur, Founder

Aditi has been a national level athlete and was introduced to eating healthy from an early age but her realisation about the link between Body and Mind only happened when she was living in an ashram in the Himalayas in 2010. Burnt out from a demanding corporate career, Aditi left her life in Mumbai to live in an ashram as a volunteer, teaching english to underprivileged children and serving food to the guests that arrived daily. Her interaction with the cook who prepared the food in the ashram changed the way she approached food and made her realise that the food one eats has the ability to influence one’s mind as well as emotions thereby affecting the entire personality of the person. Eating the right food, she was taught, not only affected the physical shape of one’s body but also had the ability to keep one alert mentally allowing one to be more productive and focussed.

After teaching yoga in Mumbai for a couple of years, Aditi was directed to return to the business world by her spiritual teacher, Swami Veda Bharati to apply all that she had been taught spiritually. On the insistence of friends who were always seeking her advice on how to eat healthy, Aditi began Sva as a humble operation to bring freshly made, minimally processed alternate milks to people.

“ My goal with Sva is really to become a partner to our customers in their quest for healthy living. Despite the pressures of every day life, I believe this is possible if we make the right choices.”

Aditi is also the face of Sumeet India’s new Health Processor blender which will be launched in the UK in September 2016. She has also written a recipe book of her favourite healthy recipes for Sumeet which will also be released along with the machine in September 2016 in Birmingham, UK. More details can be found at www.sumeetuk.com

Aditi was recently awarded the “Responsible Business Award” by the Indian Achievers’ Forum for Health Excellence, an organisation devoted to recognising outstanding contribution made by young Indian entrepreneurs.