• Do your almond milks contain common allergens? Our almond milks contain no common allergens — dairy (casein, whey & lactose) soy or gluten.
  • Are your alternate milks vegan? Our unsweetened plain almond milk and unsweetened vanilla are vegan options,  however we do use honey in our other milks so it’s always best to check ingredients if you are on a vegan diet.
  • Does Sva soak its nuts and seeds before using them in alternate milks?  At Sva we believe that the healthiest way to consume nuts and seeds is  to soak before you blend so that they may be better assimilated in the body  and this is our commitment to our customers.
  • Do nut & seed milks taste the same as dairy? Alternate milks have a unique taste but are a much better option for those suffering from dairy allergies or are looking to bring more variety in to their daily diet. Also, the high level of dairy contamination is a matter of concern. Rather than not consuming any milk at all we encourage people to switch to  alternate milks to get their nutrients from nuts and seeds
  • Do Sva milks have dairy or sugar?  We take great pride in bringing you beverages that have no dairy or refined sugar. All our beverages are made out of nuts, seeds and filtered water. We choose to sweeten our beverages with natural sweeteners like dates, honey or stevia instead of refined sugar which is extremely harmful to health.